James Lerch

October 31, 2019

Snarkout Boys helped direct my life!

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

As I sit here listening to you read Avacado of Death for what has to be the twentieth time feel I need to express to you my gratitude for your wonderful stories.

The Avacado of Death really did help drive much of my early adulthood and even contributes greatly to my life today as a 41 year old man. I first read this book in the mid 80’s when I checked it out of my elementary school library. Everything from sneaking out to have adventures at night to my fascination with the “cities under cities” come directly from this book.

I forgot the name of this book for years but had vivid memories of Avacado pie and underground cities. After lots of hunting a couple years ago I rediscovered this gem. I actually managed to purchase a first print new old stock copy of the book, which holds a place of prominence in my library.

I now have both Avacado of Death and Baconburg Horror from Audible and I have listened to both at least a few times… yes even at 41 years old I still enjoy these imaginative stories!

Sorry this was so long winded but I just had to fully thank you!

James Lerch

Daniel replies:

What an honor to have readers like you! Please don't buy anything from Audible...I've never received a single cent of royalties from them. You can download audio of many of my books for free, (or a voluntary contribution which will be passed along to some worthy cause), right here on this website.