Morgan Elliot

August 15, 2018

Request in regards to the name Laughing Alligator

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

I am a an aspiring custom bike maker and huge fan of your writing. The time a few years ago in high school when I cut up my bmx bike and welded it back together to form a wacky-looking monstrosity happened to coincide with another read through of Alan Mendelsohn, the Boy from Mars.

There came a wave of inspiration that told me I wanted to make the wildest customs under the name Laughing Alligator. I want to make bikes that probably came from the 6th plane of Venus.

For my senior project in high school I made my first scratch-build custom bike, and after a brief hiatus while at college, I am getting back to creating – my next project hopefully to be done by next month. And so I ask if I may put the name Laughing Alligator on my customs in honor of your brilliant book and the ancient Order of the Laughing Alligator. If you like the idea I could even make an extra spicy bike to call Green Death.

With my customs I seek to convey a sense of surprise and wonder similar to that which your books have given me, and I hope to have your blessing to use the Laughing Alligator name. Maybe someday Clarence Yojimbo will borrow some money and buy from me a bike just crazy enough to bring back to Venus…


Morgan Tyler Elliot

Daniel replies:

How nice of you to ask! Obviously you don't need my permission to use the words, "Laughing Alligator," but I am honored, heartily endorse the idea, and wish you great success with your creative, artistic engineering endeavor. This goes for "Green Death" as well, and any other adaptations of phrases, concepts, and images that strike your fancy. I'm interested in seeing a picture of your work if you wish to share one.