Mandy Keifetz

May 12, 2024

remembering Beverly Coyle’s kazoo serenade

I dreamed last night about the time Beverly Coyle gave me a Rat wig and a kazoo and bade me serenade you with Eine kleine Nachtmusik, maybe for a birthday?  We talked about German Expressionism, and there was a a malamute and possibly a pony? (Or the pony might be dream editorializing??) It was the only interesting evening I ever had in my brief sojourn at Vassar College finishing school for Reagan Youth, and I’d forgotten it until the dream.



Daniel replies:

It was probably Halloween. Beverly Coyle must have been one of the few fun teachers at Vassar--the ones I remember seeing were all swathed in tweeds, and looking like the 1930s. I had nothing to do with the institution, and appreciate it's probably different now. (disclaimer)