Andrew Krause

November 23, 1999

Post #996 – 19991123

Hello, Mister Pinkwater. I saw Norb when I was in the Navy out in L.A. (Long Beach, actually) and loved the strip. that is, when I saw it. I am trying to find it again by reading library microfilm archives, but am daunted by the task. You see, I am not sure of the dates that Norb ran, and I don’t know which paper I saw it in. Do you know which papers ran your strip? If so please tell me. Also would you please tell me the beginning and ending dates?

thank you

andrew krause

Daniel replies:

I actually don't remember the dates! I can't keep track of all the history, pub dates, what's in print and what's not, and keep up with writing the new stuff. I could look it up for you, but I won't. There's a collection of the daily strips around that is probably a rare book by now. If you get one, make sure it has all the pages--the binding is faulty.