Robert Marrow

November 13, 1999

Post #985 – 19991113

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

What ever happened to Manus and the sculptures or owls left in the woods?

Robert Marrow, Bard College ‘ 62

PS I so love your conversations with Scott Simon that I have to sit in the car waiting in the driveway until they are finished, even if I’m in a hurry. There should be a collection on tape. Obviously the voices, the attempted accents and the good natured laughter could not be captured on the page. Do you remember Jeffrey Marlin, “Manus, how do you find yourself this morning?” Manus, “With a string, sir.” A great beginning.

Daniel replies:

I remember everything. Actually, I am a master of mimicry, but purposely louse up my rendition of accents so as not to embarrass Scott Simon.