Richard A. Marsella

November 6, 1999

Post #978 – 19991106

To Daniel Pinkwater:

I admire your work alot. I am just emailing to see if you got a package I sent you containing a cd with my music (Friendly Rich & the Anal Assassins). I thought that you might be able to use some of it for your radio show. Please keep in touch if you can, as I’d love to hear what you think of my work, and I would like to send you a cd with our radioplay series on it in future if you are interested.

Take care.

Richard A. Marsella(aka Friendly Rich)


Daniel replies:

Yes, that is a good idea! Something called ""The Anal Assassins,"" sounds just perfect for a radio program for children. Maybe we can use something from your disc on our ""Salute to Crack"" program. My people will be in touch with you. Wait patiently.