Michael Birnbaum

November 5, 1999

Post #975 – 19991105


I have been reading all of the questions and answers on the website and now my eyes feel like they’re about to fall out from the sockets.

Also my brain hurts.

Anyway, my question was, any info on the next book that is going to be published? And by book, I mean, “not a reprint” and “not a short one for kiddies”, as although I suppose I am technically a kiddie, or a rebelling adolescent with an obsession for checker cabs, I wish for something with more substance to sink my teeth into.

Thank you kindly,

Michael Birnbaum,


P.S. I live in Chicago.

I like hot dogs.

They tore down the Lil’ Ducky’s by Senn High School and replaced it with a stupid statue of President Lincoln. The metal of the statue doesn’t taste as good as the “olde-fashioned chicago style vienna beef hot dogs” that were formerly available on the spot. Also, my dad wanted to know: should I get a dog or a cat? or both?

Daniel replies:

As you know I used to live in Chicago, and know that those hot dogs can kill. I also have owned two Checker cars. I know where Senn High School is. I don't even know when my next book is coming out. There is ""4 Fantastic Novels,"" out in spring, but that's a reprint, and you don't want to know about that--like I believe you've read BORGEL, YOBGORGLE MYSTER MONSTER OF LAKE ONTARIO, THE WORMS OF KUKUMLIMA, and THE SNARKOUT BOYS AND THE BACONBURG HORROR. I guess the next actual new book will be the first in the ""Werewolf Club"" series also in spring. (Heh, heh, heh....serious fans...you didn't know anything about that, did you?)