Robert Warren

September 20, 1999

Post #929 – 19990920

Let’s see first of all did you have some sort of wild and crazy Uncle who was always talking about the time-space continuem or are you that very Uncle who you like so much? Also What is it with you and those sparking rum-soaked cigars? They are everywhere in your books. And how about mesquito repellant hotdogs? Are both the cigars and the hotdogs real? Or are they amazing innovations of the mind or maybe even revelations of things yet to come? As you can see these all bug me, also what if that Freddie guy who ate the magic popsicle in Borgel only ate half the popsicle, would he have ripped himself in half and one half would merge with the popsicle making some sort of mutant dancing fool, while the other half remained the same? Or was the popsicle so good that it was fate that you had to eat it all?

Fafner was probable the coolest dog in the world. The smart talking jerk dog opened my eyes that dogs are really all like him, except for the one’s with little heads they’re just plain stupid. Only loyal to the hand that feeds them leeching off of human society, I speak the truth.

“Wait Fido what are you doing what’s that youve got in your paw? What! I know too much Agghhh”

Daniel replies:

See, my uncle was a big's all in the book I'm writing now. Well, not all.