John Robertson

September 21, 1999

Post #932 – 19990921

We are a fourth grade class in Omaha, Nebraska. We have just read part of your Hoboken Chicken Emergency story in our Silver Burdette & Ginn reading series. We then enjoyed our next selection where Lee Bennett Hopkins interviews Daniel Manus Pinkwater. We prepared for this story by brainstorming questions we would ask Mr. Pinkwater if he actually were visiting our school. Several of our questions were answered in the Lee Bennett Hopkins interview, however, not every question was answered. I am challenging my students to ask Mr. Pinkwater their questions via this wonderful web site and hope you will respond. We truly enjoy your writing. Thanks.

John Robertson

Columbian Elementary

Omaha, Ne

Daniel replies:

I will answer your questions, right here in front of everybody. You don't scare me, you Columbians, you.