Brad Sondahl

August 31, 1999

Post #918 – 19990831

Hurrah that 4 more Pinkwater classics are available again! Mr. Pinkwater has made a wonderful career of skewering the bogies that lurk in the shadows of our perceptions, from intelligent worms from outer space, to wolfmen and normal teenagers. In Yobgorgle, he transforms the search for a Nessie type sea monster into a hilarious hunt happening. Our family has read aloud and reread nearly every book he has written, and remains a favorite with us all.

Daniel replies:

Well, not available just yet. But I have the contract on my desk, and just need a couple of little changes before I sign it. So the book will be around in.....under a year? I'm, excited about it. I happen to like my readers, and want them to have the good stuff.