Dan Gottfried

August 28, 1999

Post #917 – 19990828

Mr. Pinkwater:

I began reading your books to my children, aged 5 and 9, several years ago after finding out your work was behind the stories that an old acquaintance of mine uses for her puppet shows.

More recently, I began scouring the local librairies for them each summer so that I could find one to read for each night of campfire at a camp my family goes to each summer.

What I really would like is to have every one of your books for young children. The bookstores seem to have some, but nowhere near all.

If you are like my dad, who has been writing books all of his life, you probably have at least a few copies of all of your books (unless your children have scarfed them all up).

If you do have copies, or know where I can get them, I would love to buy them all ( in paperback, if possible, as money is an object).

Thanks for any help you can give me,

Dan Gottfried

Daniel replies:

I do have a small stash of my books, and was selling them, autographed first editions, for less than amazon.com for a short time. But, it didn't feel comfortable. I had to charge a lot, based on how hard it would be for me to replace them, and how rare they were, and based on what booksellers like amazon were charging. You can do much better with http://www.cattermole.com . That's Cattermole 20th Century Children's Books. Prices usually not much more than original retail and books used and generally in very good condition. There are other book finders and specialist book sellers too. Look around.