Noah Tevye Warner

August 16, 1999

Post #908 – 19990816

Dear Mr Pinkwater:

In accordance with your wishes we have pushed the chitlins into the harbor and restrung the harp with various herbs and spices. The radiator was also a bit noisy so we basted it with horseradish and sung it to sleep with “I’m going back to Indiana” in soft, sweet undertones. In addition to this, we have responded to your request for emotionally charged serial numbers by faxing over our entire data base. This should satisfy your lust for obtuse figures. And, just to let you know, I disagree with your analysis of the latest organization chart as “dispensable mish-mosh.” I personally found the section on Crime Stoppers quite regal and the documented oyster trilogy nothing short of breathtaking.

Love, Noah Tevye Warner

Daniel replies:

I'd just like to make clear that, while I certainly entertain an enthusiastic appreciation for them, I do not ""lust for obtuse figures."" Firstly, I appreciate all somatotypes; and second, I conduct myself in a manner appropriate to a children's author and guru to thousands at all times.