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August 14, 1999

Post #907 – 19990814

Kurt Vonnegut for kids? Perhaps not, but I suppose it’s as good as any other way to describe the indescribable writing style of Mr. Daniel Manus Pinkwater. He has been my favorite author for over twenty years, ever since I picked up Lizard Music in the third grade and subsequently raided local libraries for every single book of his I could find. The two Snarkout Boys books are among the cream of the crop, and I routinely recommended them to friends before they went out of print. How wonderful that they are back in print and available again! Now a whole new generation of kids can experience the subversive wit, wacky characters, and the wild adventures that make Daniel Pinkwater books such amazingly good reads.

Daniel replies:

My candidate for ""Kurt Vonnegut for kids"" is Kurt Vonnegut. I would like to be known as the ""Daniel Pinkwater for kids,"" or possibly Captain Raisin Toast.