Jeff Bartone

July 17, 1999

Post #890 – 19990717

I fell off the edge of the wired world for a time… the computer died; I took my beloved and kids off to travel in Mexico; we got a puppy… but, now I’m back with the same request to get you out on tour. actually, we just wanted to get you here, to lovely Olympia, Washington for an appearance. when I found out you no longer choose to fly I searched around for a big bus. I found the bus but when I figured the cost of the big bus it seemed necessary to plan some big bus stops along the way to make the BIG (bus) MONEY necessary to subsidize the visit to Oly. there’s a great deal of country between here and there and many the student, teacher and hound who would seriously consider turning out for a Pinkwater address. as long as we’re doing all that driving, speaking, and all it seems a good idea to document the process… digital video. heck, it could be boiled down and released back to the very people who supported it along the way to further cover costs. anyhow, I’m ready to go way out to reel you into olympia.

Daniel replies:

I want a BIG bus. Shiny black. Extra-dark tinted windows. Lots of lights on the outside. And loudspeakers playing the overture to the Flying Dutchman. Smoke machine too. Colored smoke coming out the back. Inside, a complete kosher deli, with sweating, hairy, deli-man, slicing. Also a steambath. Opulent appointments, goes without saying. Maybe wait until Jesse Ventura is elected president and arrange to borrow his.