July 23, 1999

Post #892 – 19990723

I asked before about how you are connected to Dada Ducks and you asked me why. Here’s the answer. My brother-in-law is an artist. He draws a duck that he calls Dada Duck and wants to make a website. We were checking to see if there were any websites already titled Dada Duck. So, you didn’t answer my question and I answered yours. Your turn!

Daniel replies:

The Wild Dada Ducks is a fictional club. Certain books of mine are about the members of the Wild Dada Ducks. Also certain people who are not, (as yet), characters in books of mine seem to belong to the Wild Dada Ducks. These people may or may not be fictional. Such a person would be a Wild Dada Duck. I don't know of any actual feathered ducks belonging to the club, but I am hardly in a position to limit membership, (or readership), to humans.

If your brother-in-law makes a dada duck website, link it here.