Thomas S. Owen and Diana

June 9, 1999

Post #868 – 19990609

Dear Mr. Pinkwater:

We are faithful listeners to CHINWAG THEATER Saturdays at 5 p.m. on WOI-AM (640) from nearby Ames, Iowa. As children’s book authors, we identify with your side-splitting, all-so-true AUTHORS DAY.

We wanted to praise your captivating co-host Charity Nebbe. We’ve met her, been interviewed by her and received the official CHINWAG lapelwear. We’d encourage you to post on your site a list of the 50-plus enlightened public radio stations which carry CHINWAG THEATER. More people should listen.

We’ve just devoured the cool, smooth and satisfying ICE CREAM LARRY. If Larry Bear ever wishes to visit Central Iowa, he’s welcome in our bathtub any time.

All best,

Thomas S. Owens

Diana Star Helmer

Daniel replies:

Charity Nebbe has bestowed upon you the official Chinwag Theater Lapelware? You are fortunate indeed. Nothing I can say would add to the honor you already bear.