Brad Sondahl

May 23, 1999

Post #854 – 19990523

First you popped up on Morning Edition reading Shel Silverstein poems. Then you popped up on Car Talk touting Chinwag theater. Next I expect you to pop up from my toaster. (I have a large toaster). You are becoming ubiquitous, perhaps rivalling The Phantom Menace.

Perhaps not.

It would be more fun to see your face on potato chip bags than Anakin Skywalker’s.

Brad Sondahl

Daniel replies:

The fact is I don't like fame, such as I have. I like my readers, and when I meet them, or talk to them here, I feel quite happy, but I try not to do things for exclusively promotional reasons. Doug Berman, the producer of Car Talk is a good guy, and he asked me to be on--so I agreed, and since the brothers are cheap bastards and resist paying anything reasonable, I took a plug as recompense. The radio program must grow in order to survive. Please pester your local radio station, and get friends, relations and total strangers to do it also.