Stacey Lyn Adair

May 20, 1999

Post #853 – 19990520

hi! i’m a new recruit of yours, & am interested in your writing because i find it personable & many of your comments make it seem like you consider your readers your personal friends. i think you probably have a lot in common with most of your readers (animal lovers should stick together!). it’s not often that a reader feels an true affinity for an author. if you think i should actually go ahead & become an official fan of yours ( or back out while i can) , what book would you have me start out with after having read fish whistle ? i’d also like to know if you stilll do the radio show you mentioned in fish whistle. thanks.

Daniel replies:

While it is true that I tend to like my readers, (some authors don't, you know...but I do), you have to understand that this doesn't mean you can drop by the house around lunchtime, or ask to borrow $25. It's not that I wouldn't like it, it's just that you shouldn't. With that understood, you are welcome to be my reader all you like. _Fish Whistle_ and _Chicago Days, Hoboken Nights_ will soon be publilshed in one volume, titled: _Hobokenfish and Chicagowhistle_ from xlibris. You can find out about xlibris by clicking where it says to click vis-a-vis _The Afterlife Diet_ on the firstpage of this sire. Thank you for being my reader. I would suggest you order _5 Novels_ from for less than 9 dollars.