Joan E. Lewis

April 28, 1999

Post #835 – 19990428

Mr. Pinkwater: Our priest read your book “Doodle Flute” at mass a few Sundays ago. It received a round of applause from the congregation which is unheard of in the Catholic Church. Please tell me where I can buy copies of your book. I have exhausted all of the book sellers on the net. No one has it. I feel it is a great book for our grandchildren. I need 3 copies. Hope you respond. Thanks.

Daniel replies:

Cool priest. I'm, sure the book is out of print. We read it, and its sequel, SPACEBURGER on Chinwag Theater, and will no doubt repeat it someday. You could tape it off the radio, if your local public radio station carries the program. Have the priest ask them. As for finding a copy, there are probably thousands floating around that Simon and Schuster dumped as remainders when they put the book out of print--so don't pay $100 to an old-and-rare dealer. It's just a matter of finding who has some. I despair of publishers ever getting it right--but I'm hopeful about concerns like making it possible to get everything back into print someday soon.