February 3, 1999

Post #803 – 19990203

Hey, remember me? I joined the Wild Dada Duckettes a while ago. I have decided that my Dada name will be “The Vegitarian Velociraptor.” I also found an interesting avocado fact that neither Osgood Sigerson or Filliping Hades Terwilliger know- members of the parrot family can eat anything humans eat, except avocados. I don’t know why, but avocados are poisonous to parrots and can kill them. Tell Detective Sigerson and Dr. Terwilliger for me, please.

Daniel replies:

Oops! So, it was a horrible oversight that I have a character of mine feeding slices of avocado to a parrot in the unobtainable THE AFTERLIFE DIET? Well, nobody read that book.