January 26, 1999

Post #800 – 19990126

Hello, Mr. Pinkwater. I have an extra copy of “The Afterlife Diet,” and you may have it if you like, since you bewhined the fact that you had so few. The reason I bought two is that one didn’t cost enough. This was a while back. They were on the sale shelf in the big book emporium for $4.98 each. So even my stingy nature has little compunction in sending you one for free, especially when it is prompted by the few remaining parts which exhibit the symptoms of “hero worship.”

I suppose I’ll need your address, or the address of the webmaster here (or is that websmith?), who can forward it.

Daniel replies:

I replied directly, offering you a swap for your copy of AFTERLIFE. Fascinating that there were remaindered copies after the publisher, ""sold out,"" and couldn't find a single one for the author.