Oswald Klein

January 27, 1999

Post #801 – 19990127

Mr. Pinkwater:

I wrote to the NPR station here in Philadelphia (WHYY-FM) and asked them to pick up Chinwag Theater. I received a response from Mr. Kingsley Smith, the Program Director. He wrote that the station had not been approached by you or NPR to broadcast the show, but he was willing to take a serious look at it. Perhaps your representative could contact the station.

I would like to be able to listen to your show with my children, who are fans of yours.

Daniel replies:

Thank you very much! I called Mr. Kingsley Smith at WHYY-FM, and lo! He had never heard of the program until you contacted him. In fact, Chinwag Theater has no staff beyond the producer, Charity Nebbe, and myself, (and aside from doing the actual recording for broadcast, I don't do much). Therefore, we haven't really called on program directors or pushed the program a lot. (Charity has other duties at WOI-FM in Ames Iowa, whence the program originates, and has enough to do just producing). Still, we are on 51 stations after 10 months on the air, and that's without trying. If anyone reading this is a WHYY listener, and would like to hear the program, Mr. Smith is a nice man, and would like to know your desires. Persons living within the range of any other public radio station are also entitled to make contact and ask for Chinwag Theater. Tell them chingwag@iastate.edu is how to be in touch.