Kaya Adams

December 11, 1998

Post #785 – 19981211

Well, after reading these other emails I feel inspired to drop you a line. Who knows why I went looking for your address today of all days, but maybe it has something to do with the strange effects of christmas muzak. More than likely it’s due to pondering a trip to Syracuse, NY. While I was there for grad school two years ago, I wanted to stop by and visit you, since we were both in CNY at the time. Alas. Do you mind house-calls from fans? I used to wait for the Clark Street bus in front of the Newbury Library every day to take me to school. So on long car trips, when we pop in the tape of your NPR essays, my mom (a Chicagoan born and bred) and I laugh hysterically at all the Chicagoland tales. I love your books not just for your senseability, but really because each time I read one, I think of the nifty people who introduced me to them in the first place (they also recommended the Moomintroll series, which is lots of fun). All it takes it one page of ‘Young Adults’ to start me rolling on the floor, teary-eyed from laughing.


Daniel replies:

Try ""The Education of Robert Nifkin,"" which is set in Chicago, and tells about it. House calls are discouraged, (because of the dogs, and the man-traps, you know).