Steven Cantor

November 28, 1998

Post #777 – 19981128

dr. pinkwater,

i was hoping i could dig out this information online without having to pester you, but i’ve had no luck, sooooo…… a couple of years ago (1995?) in one of your appearances with scott simon, you featured and reviewed several books by the same publisher. you praised this particular publisher very enthusiastically, and the books were all non-fiction. my son is now of the age (and the mindset) where i think he’d greatly appreciate these books, but i can’t remember the publisher’s name! if i recall at all correctly: 1) the name of the publisher was a person’s first and last name, like david godine (but i don’t think that was it) and 2) i seem to recall one of the books was about what life was like in viking society. pretty sketchy, i know, but can you point me towards this publisher?

many thanks in advance,


Daniel replies:

It's Captain Pinkwater, not Dr. You want Peter Bedrick Books, 156 Fifth Avenue, NY, NY 10010 fax: 212 206 3741. Ask for a catalog.