Fourth Graders at Golda M

November 25, 1998

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Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

We are 4th graders at Golda Meir School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We just finished reading The Hoboken Chicken Emergency. The parts we thought were hysterical were when Bozo the dog scared Henrietta, that Anthony DePalma’s robot chicken had Elvis hair and was smoking a cigarette, and he used the mayor’s letter opener to pick his teeth. We also enjoyed when Henrietta broke into the Clam Brothers and ate 46 pounds of potatoes. We think you write really great books. We’re now reading Lizard Music. Keep it up forever, Mr. Pinkwater. Keep writing until science perfects the 266-lb. chicken. By the way, we hope you had a Happy Birthday. And have a wonderful Thanksgiving! We won’t be having chicken for Thanksgiving!


Brittney, Tainesha, Joel, Ci, Derrick, Krystalina, Wally, Jessica, Ms. Starck

P.S. Are you writing any books for children right now?

Daniel replies:

I just finished reading THE HOBOKEN CHICKEN EMERGENCY too...on my radio program, Chinwag Theater. Please ask your local public radio station if they carry it. If they don't, all write letters asking them's free--all they have to do is get it off the satellite. We have already done about 34 programs, each with a story or book of mine...but we will be repeating some, and reading new ones. Thank you.