Paula Smith

November 25, 1998

Post #775 – 19981125

Dear Mr. Pinkwater, I am Alex Smith’s Mom and I like you too, as does my husband. I bought my first Pinkwater book before Alex was born. When we were first married we had a husky named Bum. My husband brought her home from work because she had come into the lumber yard where he worked, taken a dump by the bosses’ desk and then lay down across the threshold of the front door and went to sleep. He decided a dog with that kind of attitude toward management was a dog for him. My husband went on to become the business agent for his Teamster local. I loved that dog even when she would steal the steaks off my bottom broiler and head for the door. Is the tape on the husky rescue site from your NPR commentaries?

My husband agrees with your concept on French cars having spent a portion of his misspent youth running around with cars with a silent t in their name.

Best Wishes, Paula Smith

Daniel replies:

Hello. I had email from Alex and Harry.