Natalie Jacobean

October 18, 1998

Post #759 – 19981018

dear Daniel Pinkwater,

my husband heard your essay (public radio) on what sounded like the cat from hell and he would like me to hear or read it. where would we find it? thanks,

Natalie Jacobean

Daniel replies:

What essay on the cat from Hell was that? Did he hear it on All Things Considered, or on Chinwag Theater? Certain commentaries of mine are collected into two books, FISHWHISTLE and CHICAGO DAYS, HOBOKEN NIGHTS, both out of print and hard to find. There are also some cassettes floating around, put out by a disgraceful outfit in California. They're hard to find too, not that I mind, since they have never sent me a royalty statement, and appear to have done other bad things.

I have literally hundreds of those commentaries on the disk, and some of them aren't actually bad, plus some that are in the two collections could be reprinted. So, there's no reason some publisher couldn't bring out a book of them, except one: The first two didn't make a big enough profit...which is to say, they made a profit, but not an obscene one. So, knowing this, no publisher is interested in doing another one. That's how business decisions are made. I will now type a smiley-face :)