Liz Balog

October 15, 1998

Post #757 – 19981015

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

I was totally blown away by your essay about growing up in Hollywood, aired today on All Things Considered. My husband would really appreciate the piece. How can I get a copy?

I plan to introduce my kids (5,2) to your books too. Thanks for a great ending to my afternoon.

Daniel replies:

Thanks for your kind comment. Here is how you can (possibly) get a copy of the piece you heard on All Things Considered:

1.) You can call National Public Radio and try to buy a transcript of the entire program, for something like $15...which may or may not have my commentary on it when you get it, (I do not understand how they do things at NPR, which puts me ahead because they never do them the same way twice anyway.) 2. Make sure your local public radio station carries my program, ""Chinwag Theater,"" on which I recycle commentaries, and should get around to this one sooner or later. Thank you.