Carri B.

September 12, 1998

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Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

Hi, my name is Carri. I’m 15, and i live in a really small town. I bought your book, 5 Novels, and read it over the summer. They were absoulty great!!! I just started my Sophmore year in high school, and like most of you heros, am a loner. Nobody really ever talks to me, but i don’t really care. I like to read, and books are the only friends i need. Anyway, I just wrote to tell you that i really like your books and that they are truely a source of inspiration and information for someone like me. Thanks!!


Carri B. (from IDAHO)

Daniel replies:

High school can tend to suck. In some ways, my life started when I hit college. Meanwhile, there are many neat books, some of them by me, that you have yet to find. Have fun.