Jeffrey Bartone

September 14, 1998

Post #745 – 19980914

dear mr. p.

Is it a tour that you want? One of those big buses costs big big bucks. The only way to cover the cost of such a venture (the drive to Olympia and back) would be to make lots of stops for paid gigs along the way. Really, you don’t like to fly? I’d say a 20 city speaking tour would cover it… What time of year would you like to travel? We could videotape the tour (don’t look back II: pinkwater on the bus)…and drop in on your favorite radio audiences, schools, or kennels. Olympia will go a long way for you.

jeffrey Bartone

olympia film society

Daniel replies:

Don't think small. Isn't there some zillionaire who'd spring for the bus? (I'd like to be allowed to keep it after the visit).