Jeffrey Bartone

September 9, 1998

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Hey Daniel!

We’d like to invite you to come visit. Get out of town much? The 15th annual Olympia Film Festival would like to bring you aboard. We – the olympia film society (ofs) – are a volunteer run non-profit in our 19th year operating out of the historic (and kind of run down) Capitol Theater in the heart of downtown Oly… a performing arts center for the misfit set. Mostly we show the art films weekdays and host all-ages punk rock shows on the weekend. Each year we put on our film fest, a ten-day marathon of imdie films, associated visual media and performing arts.

That’s sort of where you come in. We’d like you to maybe dig up some old home movies, slides, videos and talk. That kind of thing. We’re hoping you have a really big slide show that we could throw up on the big screen… you could talk your way through a giant size photo gallery…plates from books… your vacation to Alaska…et al! It could be part reading, part performance, and big, big, big. Olympia is a lovely town.

Call back soon.


jeffrey bartone

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Daniel replies:

Well, for starters, I'd require one of those buses that rock stars tour in...a nice one, with a roomy bathroom/ pick me up here and take me all the way to Olympia and back. Other details to be negotiated.