Stefan Jones

September 8, 1998

Post #740 – 19980908

Dear Captain:


I dropped by a local (Palo Alto) Borders on Sunday to pick up a copy of _The Education of Robert Nifkin_. I couldn’t figure out which of the many sub-sections of the childrens’ lit section it would be in, so I had a staffer look it up. The record appeared on the screen right away. There were three copies on hand, but there was a big “S” in front of the line. “What’s that?” I asked. “It means *suppressed* said the staffer. Either the publisher is holding back because there’s a new edition, or it’s something internal.”

Huh. I guess having one of your works Suppressed isn’t as classy as having something banned or censored, but it’s still pretty cool. I bet FSG could put a “SUPPRESSED BY BORDERS!” label on it and get better sales.



Daniel replies:

Suppressed? Really? How neat! I like this very much. I have had books banned (in a small way, by libraries in primitive places, such as the county I live in), but never SUPPRESSED. Oh joy!

Look, could everyone reading this do me a favor? If you live near a Borders, go in and request the book, and when the clerk tells you it's suppressed, say, ""Damn good thing, too! I was only going to buy a copy so I could burn it."" Make them feel like they're not alone.