Cuyler Brooks

August 25, 1998

Post #732 – 19980825

Dear Mr. Pinkwater – I didn’t read any of your books until I was past 40 – if you had been writing when I was a kid in the 40s, my whole life might have been different. But anyway I have almost all of your books (to date, may there be many more!) now (I think I am missing Fat Elliot and Ducks, but I can’t tell for sure as my books aren’t unpacked yet, I just moved to a new house a couple of miles down the road from Snellville). I enjoyed The Education of Robert Nifkin (hope you now have a copy!) and was glad to see a return to the `young adult’ sort of novel. I thought it was a bit darker in tone than the Snarkout books. I will bug the local NPR outlet to carry Chinwag Theatre, but I will probably lose track of the program time and miss it. You should get them issued as tapes. I have reviewed some of your books briefly in an amateur magazine I do called It Goes On The Shelf, could send you copies if I had your address. I have put one issue up on the Web ( I learned about your wonderful website from the 343rd mailing of the Slanderous Amateur Press Association, or Slanapa as we call it.

Best wishes!

Ned Brooks

Daniel replies:

Isn't Snellville in Iowa? Am I mistaken? If not, doesn't WOI-AM go practically all over Iowa, (plus there are other stations, repeaters, etc.)? And since Chinwag Theater originates at WOI-AM, all you'd have to do is find out when it airs, and write the day and time down on a slip of paper, which you could then tape to the stereo, or superhetrodyne, or crystal set. Thanks for your kind words.