Alicia Plotkin

August 20, 1998

Post #731 – 19980820

Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

Two questions. First, you mentioned in an earlier message that you had managed to find something good to say about Rochester, New York. I married someone from Rochester, and have to go there frequently for family events, so I can appreciate just how difficult that must have been. It might help my meager appreciation of Rochester if I could read the good story you wrote – perhaps I could imagine various inlaws as characters in a new & expanded version. Which story was it?

Second question. We visit Duchess County every October, and have yet to stumble upon any of the transcendant restaurants you occasionally mention in your NPR commentaries. Is the Bangall Country Store still worth finding? Do you have any other suggestions? The best we have found so far is Pongo’s in Tivoli (gotta love any place named for a dog). We’re willing to travel anywhere in the north or east part of the county, the Millerton to Tivoli to Poughkeepsie triangle. Or further for a really good place. Thanks for any enlightenment you can give on either topic.

Daniel replies:

The book is ""Yobgorgle, Myster Monster of Lake Ontario."" Quite rare. You might find a copy somewhere--check the links on this site.

The Bangall Country Store is still great, as of this morning when I stopped in on my way home from the dentist. It's in Bangall, which is right next to Stanfordville. Very funny, your suggestion that there might be someplace safe to eat in Poughkeepsie.