Reid Young

August 18, 1998

Post #729 – 19980818

hey, wow! i didn’t know i could actually attempt to contact the honorable Daniel Pinkwater! this is amaizing, i have a billion questions but dont know which ones to ask. lets see…

in alan mendlsn, boy from mars is it just me or is that a sort of metaphoric story? eric vondocton refferences and a bunch of other stuff that i cant remember now sort of tipped me off, if i remember what it was i’ll send it to ya.

uhh…there seem to be lost chapters to the young adult novel in ” 5 novels” (and the other pressing i last read) i could swear on everything chicken there was a part where they go to college. whats the deal with that?

Daniel replies:

Ok, let me try to get this right...Young Adult Novel was first published as a hardcover (T.Y. Crowell, publisher). The people at T.Y. Crowell hated the book, and thought it was perfectly obscene. It didn't help that the NY Times book review hired a guy who had previously written only about golf, and he said it was perfectly obscene. The editor who worked on it was fired, but before she left she wrote me a contract for another book. I handed in Dead End Dada, but they flatly refused to publish it. About this time, David Hartwell at Tor Books approached me about reprinting YAN. He advanced me enough money to buy back my contract with Crowell, and talked me into writing a third piece, which turned out to be The Dada Boys in Collitch. There were also Macintosh cartoons, and an afterword by Ken Kelman. Then Tor brought out the book without the cartoons, (or the afterword, I think) as a mass market paperback. When Farrar Straus and Giroux agreed to do the 5 Novels anthology, they were willing to publish YAN but not DED or DBAC. No idea why.