July 22, 1998

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Dear Mr. Pinkwater,

You are my favorite author! My parents got me your 5 Novels book for my birthday. I have only read one book that you didn’t write ever since (I’m only about 40 pages through it anyway)! My favorite book that you wrote was Alan Mendalson, the Boy from Mars. I’d also like to thank you.

At my library we have a summer reading program and every book on my list ended with “…by Daniel Pinkwater”. The librarian was very impressed with my list. Oh, and just one more thing. Did you write any more Snarkout Boys books other than The Avacodo of Death and the Baconburg Horror. I hope so! Well, I guess that’s it. Bye!

Daniel replies:

Cool posting, Bruce. I get excited when I hear about someone who got excited about stuff I have written. No, there are only two Snarkout books. What people don't always realize is that authors like me don't just get to do whatever they want. I had another Snark book in mind, ""I Snarked with a Zombie,"" and might have done more yet, but publishers often come up with something like, ""We're making 8% more money on picture books, so we won't give you a contract for a novel.""

Publishers are often on the stupid side. Meanwhile, have a look at ""The Education of Robert Nifkin,"" a novel. It's a little bit like the Snark books, in some ways, maybe.