Kirk Brewer

January 1, 1997

Post #727 – 19970101

Of the 120 or so books you’ve written, have you ever considered one on the experiences of an NPR commentator? Or are you just going to skip all that now that you’ve progressed to Chinwag Theatre? By the way, is Chicago one of the markets where Chinwag is broadcast? Just how many books do you write every week?

Daniel replies:

Chicago is, in effect, a market where Chinwag Theater is broadcast, as it is distributed by satellite and goes pretty much everywhere. Of course you can't hear it because there has not been sufficient pressure brought to bear on WBEZ...letter-writing campaigns, group visits to the offices, persons chaining themselves to the building, sky-writers, and full-page ads in the Trib have not yet been employed to persuade the conservative administration to carry the program, which is free of cost to the station. Notwithstanding, in at least 26 cities, none of which are Chicago, listeners are delighting in our droll antics. Programs Numbers 13 and 14 are in preparation as I type these words.

PS: I write eleven books, except for those weeks with national or religious holidays in them.