Ted Thurston

January 1, 1997

Post #724 – 19970101

Mr. D Manus P

I am greatly admire and enjoy your writing style in its many manifestations. One day perhaps I will be able to find the book Atilla the Pun so that I might read it. Two quick questions. 1. Do you practice Kabbalah mysticism? 2. What are your favorite book by other authors, influences. Make that three questions. Have other movies been made of your literature other than the Hoboken Chicken emergeny?

Daniel replies:

Starting next week, I am reading ""The Magic Moscow"" in three installments on Chinwag Theater. ""Atilla the Pun"" is the second in the Magic Moscow trilogy, followed by ""Slaves of Spiegel."" If you and your assembled friends have persuaded the local public radio station to carry the program, and you have a cassette recorder, you can obtain all of these rare books, read by the actual author. My guess is that the average responsive radio station would need only 10 sincere letters before ordering the program. (It's free--tell them). chinwag@iastate.edu