Stefan Jones

January 1, 1997

Post #723 – 19970101

This is more of a annoucement to readers of this forum than a question for Daniel, but I hope it gets posted anyway. “Chinwag Theatre” is playing in the Bay Area on WQED, Sundays at 4:30 pm. Right now I’m listening to The Captain reading “The Cremation of Sam McGee.”

Well, here’s a question for the Captain. I brought home from work Friday a coulple of slices from something called a Cobb Salad Sandwich. It was leftovers from a business meeting, and the catering people were good enough to move it too the break room for us grunts.

The sandwich has slices of chicken, bacon, and blue cheese. The slice I had Friday evening was very good, considering. However, I’m not sure about the remaining slice.

My question: How can one tell when blue cheese has gone bad?

If this is outside your area of expertise, I will gladly limit my questions in the future to queries about dogs and Hoboken.

Daniel replies:

Most local fire departments have equipment for testing whether blue cheese has gone bad. It's good form to take the cheese to the firehouse rather than turn in an alarm. Hospital emergency rooms, and chemistry departments at universities can help you also. If you handle a lot of blue cheese, you can order a test kit from the Cheese Council--but they're rather expensive. We usually give some to the dogs.

P.S. Did you fire off an email to KQED telling them you like the program? Just about every radio station has an email address, and listener comment is treated quite seriously. Even yours. Do not mention blue cheese.

PPS: It has gone bad when it starts chewing toothpicks and smoking cigarettes simultaneously, and wearing condeferate flag t-shirts.