Frank Kelly

January 1, 1997

Post #720 – 19970101

Do you devote a specific time or day or amount of time each day or week to writing? How did you make the leap into supporting yourself as a creative writer? Did you “have a day job” or did you just start out as the one and only DP, author and entertainer? Please respond.

Daniel replies:

I don't know how to answer questions like that. To this day I get cheated by rapacious and immoral publishers because I am so interested in what I'm doing, and having so much fun, and so engrossed, that I forget to watch what the slime-balls are up to. I don't recall making any decision as such--just doing what I was doing. Being an easy mark may have had something to do with, in effect, being offered a career. (Just today received a fairly large check with a letter to explain that it represented royalties from 1991 on a certain book of mine--not sent until now because the publisher had ""lost my address,"" and the oversight had turned up during an audit preparatory to a takeover. Significant is not that they failed to pay me any royalties since 1991, but that I hadn't noticed. See?)