Richard Leonard

January 1, 1997

Post #714 – 19970101

You are the greatest. i appreciate everything you do — children’s and otherwise. Hearing you and Scott Simon read Arctic Antics was wonderful. I am going to get the book for my twin little girls, and would love to play the readings for them, too.

Is there somewhere I can get that ? Of course, I don’t want to violate anyone’s copyright laws …

Thanks for everything.

Daniel replies:

The program may be available at the site, on RealAudio. Failing that, you can order cassettes of most NPR programs for a nominal fee. For additional fun, you can listen to Chinwag Theater, (carried by numerous public radio stations--yours may be one, or planning to be), on which you can hear me read various things...and rumor has it that you may hear another familiar radio voice or two from time to time.

P.S. ""Young Larry,"" by Daniel Pinkwater, has twins in it.