Frank Kelly

January 1, 1997

Post #713 – 19970101

First: I have always enjoyed your items on NPR. Your piece on the BMW with doors as wide as a church and an operators manual with driving exercises has to be the best bit I’ve heard in years …. not since the days of comedy albums.

Second, please confirm if you are the author of the theory of maximum human capacity to absorb misery. A friend urged me to buy a Fiat or a Renault to displace my attitude during a period of self-pity. He said it was your theory. I hope it is because I attribute it to you whenever someone self-absorbed in misery crosses my path.

Finally, what is your writing routine? Or do you have one? A certain amount of time or time of day? A specific location?

I’d like to hear.

Ah, yes, one more thing …. I like your written work.

Daniel replies:

That's the Theory of Displaced Misery, and it pertains specifically to French cars invariably becoming the focus of the maximum suffering and frustration an individual life can sustain. Many people have volunteered that the theory seems to apply to their lives, or did when they got a Peugeot.

I don't understand your question about writing.