David Paterson

January 1, 1997

Post #711 – 19970101

I recently had the great luck to find a copy of 5 Novels at a local bookstore. Needless to say, I bought it and read all 5 within 3 days. But reading them did raise a few questions:

  • (1) What’s with Iceland?

  • (2) Have you ever visited Montreal? We have Real Bagels (boiled in honey water, then baked in a wood stove, coated with poppy or sesame seeds), Montreal Smoked Meat, and Cuban cigars. Let me know if you want to plan a trip.

  • (3) No, really, what’s with Iceland?

Daniel replies:

1.) I don't know; what _is_ with Iceland? 2.) Sounds very nice, but have you tried one of those clear Reykjavik cigars?; 3.) Really, I haven't heard a thing. Is it still there?