Stefan Jones

January 1, 1997

Post #706 – 19970101

Esteemed Captain DogWrangler-san:

Is there an official and approved source of the Fishwhistle tape set?

I speak here of the tapes of the recordings you made specially of the Fishwhistle collection pieces, not the Dove audio tapes. I think the former was wonderful, with better readings and wonderful production.

I have found that playing the first few pieces (pudding, hot peppers, “he was daft”) for friends instantly turns them into tithe-paying followers of D. Manus. P. (Don’t worry; I’ve been collecting their tithes and investing them wisely.)

Alas, I loaned my tapes to friends rather than violating copyright and simply cloning them, and somewhere along the line they never got returned.

I hope you can help.

Eat Pudding,


Daniel replies:

You shoulda cloned. The Bantam Audio Books Fishwhistle is long out of print, and gone, like most of my stuff. There isn't one thing I like about my experience with Dove Audio. I gave someone permission to make a non-exclusive version of the Dog stories (see Malcom the Malamute linked to this site). Maybe someone will come along who wants to publish a cassette of the Fishwhistle and Chicago Days stories. Some of those pieces will turn up on Chinwag Theater from time to time.