January 1, 1997

Post #704 – 19970101


I found out about your works reading the first chat cafe at FAT!SO? The chat stuff alone is wonderful so I started looking for your books. I’m very disappointed about “The Afterlife Diet” not being available. I’ve been looking for it around town. I also found some of your kids books and have bought them, a couple as gifts for my boyfriend and his daughter. I plan to buy all the Pinkwater I can because you’re simply fabulous (or flabulous if you prefer). Thanks for your great writing and we’re going to try to get access to the radio show too.

Daniel replies:

Actually, there's this publisher I've been bugging to bring out a paperback of The Afterlife Diet since the hardcover was published. He called me last week, and mentioned that he might do it next year. Being me, I responded, ""Nah, I've sort of lost interest--it's on the web for free."" If I paid any attention to the things I say I'd annoy myself.