January 1, 1997

Post #696 – 19970101


I am just writing for some advice. I have never read any of your books, indeed, I had never heard of you until a week ago.

Well, to make a short story even better (i.e. shorter), let me just say that a girl I know told me of her undying love for you and your work. And, needless to say, I wish to impress this girl by reading at least one of your books. So I just want to know which book you recommend, and if you think I am foolish to try to woo someone by so obviously and deliberately attempting to find a common bond.

Thank you for your time.

Daniel replies:

Well, it's clear your education has been woefully neglected, and you can only hope that the young woman, who is obviously too good for you, will be willing to associate with you on the basis of having read only one book of mine.