January 1, 1997

Post #694 – 19970101

Do you want to hear of a really good town to write about? Urbandale, Iowa. It’s a suburb of Des Moines, in which I lived before moving to Snellville. In it, the police officer who taught the drug abuse class was recently exposed as a crack dealer; my seventh grade teacher (devout Catholic and also sex-ed teacher) turned out to be sleeping with one of the guys in the class. And then my eight grade trecher, whom we always said smelled of alcohol, recently was fired after coming to school durnk adn slapping a kid. All this in addition to the classic problems within the boy scouts, the hooker who lived across the street from (the cops were there all the time, giving some genuine entertainment to the whole neighborhood), etc. It’s a boring little midwestern town, outwardly quite a nice little centralized place, where something exciting is always being exposed!

Daniel replies:

And was there any reason you had to move to Snellville?