Robin Hadley

January 1, 1997

Post #691 – 19970101

Dear Captain Pinkwater,

Last semester I read Young Adult Novel, and I just want you to know that this entire story was stolen from my own personal high school experience! I am prepared to sue, and the fact that you have previously used aspects of my life (which I admit, involved you) in a NPR commentary on Saul Bellow and the nobel prize, will make my case all the more convincing.

How did you know?

Daniel replies:

Quite simple: Much in the manner that mailing lists, and information about the finances of individuals are sold to commercial concerns, authors can purchase details of the life experiences of individuals. Being of marginal popularity and limited means, I buy story elements and characters from a discounter, Plot Lots, which deals in distressed, remaindered, damaged and irregular life stories. This may explain why you recognized familiar events in my story. I have a receipt, so I do not fear your lawsuit.