January 1, 1997

Post #689 – 19970101

Mr Pinkwater,

First let me say that your writing is fully brilliant. Clever to no end, and all of that. Now let me jump over towards the question…

I read and reread descriptions of the old neighborhood part of town in Snarkout Boys and the Avacado of Death (as well as descriptions of the theatre, area surrounding, etc.) Is this based on a real area? if so- how can I get there from Snellville, Georgia? (the town where “everybody is somebody”-but nobody, believe me, is much of anybody)

Daniel replies:

It's mostly Chicago, little bit of New York, touch of Philadelphia....but, I assure you, there were people in those places, at the same time I was there, for whom they were just the same as Snellville, Ga, (and I bet I could write a good story about that town--I did about Rochester, NY).