Jack Falco

January 1, 1997

Post #685 – 19970101

Dear Mr M. Pinkwater,

Do you injoy writing your books and recording your tapes? I like to listen to your tape Blue Moose and guess what our dog’s name is. Blue. Maybe if your dog and my dog get together they would have a great time playing. My favorite story in the Blue Moose stories is the moose from space,and when my family goes on vacation we bring the Blue Moose tape and we bring our dog Blue too. My mom and I read your stories about being fat and she loved the part where you saw a sign and it said, danger do not go any farther and you did and you thouth since it was a old sign you thouth it must be old danger. We thought that was very funny especially my mom.


>From Arden, Delaware

HAVE A GOOD TIME Reading MY letter BYE.

Daniel replies:

I did have a good time reading your letter! I'm glad you enjoy the Blue Moose tape. Persons who own tape recorders, and whose local public radio station carry the new program Chinwag Theater, will be able to tape _all_ my stuff--all ever written--if the program lasts long enough. Satellite transmissions begin next month. It is perfectly all right to phone, mail, fax and email the station, and tell the Program Director or General Manager you want them to carry it. The first 52 weeks are free!